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Purified roasted sunflower kernel

Purified roasted sunflower kernel is widely used in the confectionery industry. Our company uses modern automatic oven to ensure the uniformity of roasting the product.

Grown in ecologically clean regions of the Altai Territory, carefully selected and roasted sunflower kernel pastry varieties available in vacuum-packed in 10 kg. This type of packaging preserves flavor and physico-chemical properties, and also increases the shelf life of the product.

Vacuum packing is one of the most progressive methods of packaging in modern food industry. Products packaged in a vacuum bag, actually preserved in a completely natural form without preservatives and additives. In addition, due to tightness of packaging, the products does not lose its presentation and preserves freshness.

In the production used confectionery varieties of seeds: «Yenisei», «Lakomka», «Oryeshek».

Dried sunflower kernel

The low percentage of vegetable fat (32-44%) provides long term storage of treated seeds — up to 10 months. This allows to use products in the confectionery industry. The kernels are clean, healthy, uniform, odor and taste characteristic of sunflower kernel, with the percentage of moisture content — not more than 6%. Cleaned seeds is confirmed by certificates. Products are packed in polypropylene bags of 30 kg.

Altaysky Velican Dried sunflower kernel

For the retail seeds packaged in packs of 50, 100, 200, 300 grams.

To the production of the dried kernel goes high caliber selected sunflower seeds.

Ingredients: sunflower kernel
Nutritional value per 100 G:
Protein: 20,7 G
Fats: 52,9 G
Carbohydrates: 3,4 G
Energy value: 573,0 Kcal


Our company provides wholesale supplies of refined sunflower kernels in any region of Russia, CIS and foreign countries. To place an order, please fill out an application to the sales department.