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Sunflower crops account for 70% of the area of all oilseeds which makes it the main crop. Sunflower oil is used in food, industrial and medical purposes. Altay Territory is one of the most favorable regions for the cultivation and processing of sunflower seeds. The Altai Pole provides a complete production cycle of sunflower in the Altai region.

Monthly volume of processed sunflower seeds — more than a thousand tons. Maintaining high quality standards, the company is constantly working to increase the volume of production.

Cleaning of oil seeds from impurities is a necessary and very important operation of processing and preparation of seed weight to production. On admission to the processing the content of foreign material in the seeds should be not more than 2% after cleaning — not more than 0.5%. Cleaning the seed is produced on modern separators.

Seed collapse is one of the most important steps. The process of collapse takes place in such a way as to prevent the transition of loudstandarding and other undesirable substances into the oil that, in consequence, can affect the taste and smell. In addition it increase the acid value and color, oils, and also reduce the resistance of the product during storage.

The quality of grinding (milling) affects on the quality of the final product, to which, in turn, influenced by their moisture content. In the sunflower processed in our company, this figure does not exceed 6%. All necessary equipment for storage and packing oil is located at the plant.

Tanks for the storage of sunflower oil

Sunflower seeds production

Packaging the dried sunflower kernel

Dried seeds are packed in bags of 30 kg

Purified core enters the shop of sorting and packed in bags of 30 kg, and in the vacuum packaging of 10 kg. The workshops are equipped with modern technological equipment.

The quality of products the company «Altai Field» is certified and awarded at international exhibitions.

Selected seeds used on the production of roasted seeds and purified core brand «Altaysky Velikan». This manufacturing process is also accompanied by careful monitoring. Equipment that has no analogues in the Altai region, provides a uniform homogeneous roasting and the best taste, nutritional quality of products.

Shop for the production of roasted sunflower seeds

Packing seeds

Finished products are sold in the Altai region, and many other regions of Russia. Altai Pole provides wholesale deliveries in any quantities in the near and far abroad.