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Thousand tons per month

"Altay Pole" is the largest processor of sunflower in the Altai region. Established mechanisms allow management to increase production annually.

Altai sunflower

For the production of refined sunflower kernels in our company used confectionery varieties "Yenisei", "Lakomka", "Oryeshek", grown in an ecologically clean area of the Altai Territory.

Technology for quality

Throughout the manufacturing process we use the latest technology and equipment. Thorough quality control is carried out.

Production for export

Our company provides wholesale distribution of products in any region of Russia, CIS and other countries.

Refined sunflower
seeds kernel

The seed kernel in a climate of Altai contain only 32-44% of vegetable fats, which ensures a long shelf life — up to 10 months. The seeds are clean, healthy, uniform, odor and taste characteristic of the kernel of sunflower, with a humidity of not more than 6%.

Keeping the best

Carefully selected sunflower kernels are packed in vacuum packs. This kind of packaging technology allows to increase the shelf life of up to ten months.